Roskomnadzor disgraced cheap collisions on Google

Роскомнадзор опозорился дешевым наездом на Google

Google has paid a fine of 500 thousand rubles for failure to connect to the Russian information system containing a list of banned sites. Apparently, Google is easier to pay the fine than to change the policy to display the results in a search engine.

Роскомнадзор опозорился дешевым наездом на Google

Roskomnadzor brought the case on administrative offence against Google in late November 2018. The Protocol for the company amounted to part 1 of article 13.40 of the administrative code (failure to perform duties of the operator of the search system). Then Google was ordered to pay a fine of 500 thousand rubles. However, for a company with multi-billion dollar, this amount is insignificant. Easier to pay the fine, and forget for a while about Russian rules.

“Under Russian law, operators of search engines are obliged to exclude from search results links to resources with illegal information. To do this, they must connect to the Federal information system containing a list of prohibited Internet resources”, – said in a statement.

Роскомнадзор опозорился дешевым наездом на Google

View what rules they will come up with Roskomnadzor on, and what the outcome of this scandal.

Recall that the company OnePlus harshly mocked Apple in a new advertising photo. Apparently, almost every manufacturer of Android smartphones have to make fun of all the shortcomings of the iPhone from Apple.

Earlier Znayu reported that the era of tablets has come to an end. Apparently, flexible smartphones replacing tablets from the electronics market. And this is not surprising because who likes to carry a huge tablet that can’t even fit in the bag. Much more convenient to carry a gadget that can be folded into a compact smartphone, but have the size of a full tablet if necessary.

Znayu wrote that Microsoft has named the date of death of Internet Explorer 10. Apparently, this version failed flagship use one, so support it simply makes no sense. Most likely, the browser will cease to get support from the manufacturer in early 2020.

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