Rotaru burns from a terrible disease that millions of people alarmed by her appearance

Ротару сгорает от жуткой болезни: миллионы людей встревожены ее видом

In mass media the information appeared that the famous Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru serious health problems. According to journalists, the star of the Soviet stage TB and she is forced to undergo chemotherapy.

This became known thanks to the Russian media.

Ротару сгорает от жуткой болезни: миллионы людей встревожены ее видом

Sofia Rotaru

Thus, in particular, it is reported that health problems of Sofia Rotaru are the cause of its refusal of many interventions. Also in the network spread photo of Sofia, where she really looks very painful and tired. It should be noted that the diagnosis of tuberculosis Rotaru set many years ago, when the singer was 27. Then managed to cure the disease.

It is worth mentioning that the famous Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru has changed dramatically after discharge from the hospital. 71-year-old actress Sofia Rotaru recently ceased to appear in public. The disease hit hard by the legendary singer, and she ceased to give concerts, to appear at events and to communicate with journalists. However, recently paparazzi managed to photograph Rotaru on the street. In emaciated and aged female fans could hardly recognize your favorite star.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Sonia Evdokimenko – 17-year-old model and singer, who is a granddaughter of the famous singer Sofia Rotaru. The girl was even named after the star grandmother. Sonia regularly exhibits in their social networks photo, which shows the dignity of the figure. So, she obviously love to show off their long legs like that and the public, in this regard, the girl regularly receives enthusiastic feedback from its subscribers in Instagram.

We will remind, granddaughter Rotaru was struck by the network of beauty and received a blessing from Lagerfeld.

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