Ruled the Earth before dinosaurs: scientists have discovered a cemetery of the ancient creatures

Правили Землей до динозавров: ученые обнаружили кладбище древних существ

In China have found thousands of fossils of ancient marine organisms that inhabited the Earth 518 million years ago.

Paleontologists believe that large-scale discovery will help to expand our understanding of life during the Cambrian explosion, writes Daily Mail.

The discovery occurred on the banks of the river Danshui in Hubei province in southern China, where they found a primitive form of jellyfish, sea sponges, anemones, worms, algae and a variety of other invertebrates.

Правили Землей до динозавров: ученые обнаружили кладбище древних существ

Discovered the remains of an ancient jellyfish

Identified rocks show that there were more than 500 million years ago, when life on Earth has experienced a huge surge in the diversity of forms of life — the Cambrian explosion.

The total number of fossils found is 4 351 creature of the 101. More than 50% of nahodit considered to be a previously unknown species.

Unlike other Cambrian fossil trophies, Zintzen unique in that it includes not only well-preserved fossils, but soft-bodied organisms.

According to the authors, the unique findings will help to expand human knowledge about the early evolution of animals.

“Treasury biota of Cinzana provides an exciting opportunity to explore how the paleoenvironmental conditions affected the structuring of ecological and evolutionary factors in the Cambrian explosion,” explained Dr. Allison Daley of the University of Lausanne in Switzerland.

Правили Землей до динозавров: ученые обнаружили кладбище древних существ

The ancient inhabitants of the sea depths

The researchers argue that the discovery of this field in China can compete with the previous fossils in Berggasse in 1909, chengjiang fuxian lake in China and EMU Bay in Australia.

For example, the findings in Bergasse date from 508 million years ago and include well-preserved fossils, representing the state of the skin, eyes, intestine and brain of animals.

We will remind, in the North-West of China found the representative of an extinct species of bird that lived 110 million years ago and found even dinozaurow.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” scientists have found a strange monster in armor.

Also “Znayu” wrote the researchers from kinki University are a step closer to cloning extinct animals.

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