Russia released the Tsar-Vladimir phone: gold case with Orthodox cross for 115 thousand

В России выпустили Tsar-phone Vladimir: золотой корпус с православным крестом за 115 тысяч

Developer of luxury phones and smartphones Caviar (Russia) presented the camera, when you look at that you can only say: mere mortals such did not earn

Push the “Tsar-phone” called “Vladimir the Gold” in honor of Prince Vladimir. The price of the phone in the hryvnia – about 115 000

В России выпустили Tsar-phone Vladimir: золотой корпус с православным крестом за 115 тысяч

Case covers gold, it has a large Orthodox cross, and adorns the bar of the old Russian ornament.

The business version of the elite gadget instead of a cross covered with black leather.

Recall that the iPhone XS complain of constant breakdowns: crumble in your hands

Apple is clearly a problem with the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. Bad LTE, then you get faded OLED screens, crunches body. However, such was the case with almost all iPhone after they come out. However, this time there was a very large-scale problem that cannot be corrected by upgrading the operating system.

On the official support forum of a company in 4 hours appeared more than 260 complaints and 700 likes because of the delicate main camera in the iPhone Xs. The cover glass cracks and chips. And it is not known where they come from. Of course, this affects the quality of the photo, and notice the camera in the iPhone is very expensive.

As previously reported, “Znayu” Xiaomi has patented a screen with no cuts or holes

This year is expected to mass emergence of smartphones, where the hole is under the camera will replace the cutout in the screen. However, manufacturers want to find a compromise between front camera and a beautiful front panel without any undue cutouts. Xiaomi has patented a brand new concept of placing the front camera, which will be popular among other manufacturers.

Also “Znayu” wrote that the Sony PlayStation 5 will make gamers forget about the PS4 once and for all

Here already more than five years in the world for sale PS4 gaming console and equipped it with the latest technology, but it was only when she was on sale. However, soon there will be PlayStation 5, which will replace the console once and for all.

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