Russia will launch the “alcohol rocket” no one knows to be afraid or laugh

Россия запустит "алкогольную ракету": никто не знает - бояться или смеяться

Technology of Russia which is aggressor positioned as unique and modern, in fact, be a failure that once again gives a reason to laugh at would-be developers. Not the last place in the ranking of companies with such problems is and the Russian space Agency, which regularly gives a lot of fun to network users, and all their mistakes blames everyone they can.

This time the news concerns a new development – the General Director of the company-developer of rocket for tourist flights made that employees can use ethyl alcohol from the warehouse for personal use, in other words, to get drunk.

Россия запустит "алкогольную ракету": никто не знает - бояться или смеяться

Assembling the rocket

Pavel Pushkin, the General Director of the project, said in an interview with media propaganda that the missile for a suborbital flight of tourists, which the Russian Federation is planning to run the site in the Nizhny Novgorod region, will be flying on alcohol.

Pushkin said: “as the oxidizer is liquid oxygen as fuel – ethanol, which in diluted form we know as vodka.” He also added that the warehouse in which is stored the alcohol will be securely protected to avoid theft in a neighbouring country, apparently, otherwise, simply can not.

Россия запустит "алкогольную ракету": никто не знает - бояться или смеяться

Rocket launch

It should be noted that Kosmocar, as well as the company Blue Origin, with its New Shepard rocket, is developing a reusable system for commercial suborbital tourist flights. It will include a crew of six people and one instructor, and flight altitude are expected to be 200 km.

We will remind, earlier it was noted that the poles struck a blow to the ego of Putin, after he announced the change of military fighters. It is only the aircraft of the Soviet and Russian production, which will be replaced by modern counterparts.

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