Russian city frightened by a terrible scream from the mountain every night: “Lord, have mercy!”

Российский город напуган страшным криком с горы каждую ночь: "Господи помилуй!"

In Saratov (Russia) a local woman is terrorizing the people with a loud prayers.

As they say themselves citizens, every day in the Oktyabrsky district on the mountain near the streets of Karl Marx, Clinical and Kalyaev unknown woman in a loud voice reads the prayers.

“Every night is the same: mountain (climbing Novouzenskaya street) comes a strange woman who dressed in black. She starts loudly singing “Lord, have mercy” and it continues for several hours. Sometimes it comes at 8 PM, sometimes 9. Sometimes her songs can be listened to 12 hours a night! But people have to work in the morning to get up. It looks scary, especially if, during her loud prayers to be outside,” says one of the residents of the city.

Российский город напуган страшным криком с горы каждую ночь: "Господи помилуй!"

Her words, for the first time song women were heard in early January. The victim of the prayers says that the woman heard in all the adjacent streets.

It is worth Recalling that Perhaps envying the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who hit a good jackpot of people’s likes, going to your Tomos tour, Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to be advertized on the Church theme.

But I guess Putin’s plan didn’t really work – instead of the expected approval, the President of the aggressor country ran into the harsh reaction of the Russians.

Российский город напуган страшным криком с горы каждую ночь: "Господи помилуй!"


“Putin transferred personal funds to create home icons for the temple armed forces. This is a personal contribution of the President in the creation of the temple, he was present at the ceremony of laying the stone and could not, of course, remain indifferent to the process of construction”, – said Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov”.

Recall that In Romanian priests bless the water with rotten feet, and the local Orthodox rush to drink the sacred potion

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Also “Znayu” wrote that In Ukraine there will be a unique convent: this was not in the entire history of the Church

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