Russian sailors detained in Africa with tons of cocaine

Российских моряков задержали в Африке с тоннами кокаина

In the African capital of Cape Verde Praia caught 11 sailors of the Russian Federation, which turned out to be drug couriers. On their vehicle were 9.5 tons of pure cocaine. And even for the African region, which drugs are not uncommon, but this discovery was the largest in history. This became known from the message of the news Agency Reuters.

The ship sailed from South America to Moroccan Tangier. In the port of Praia, the ship had to go once on Board died one of the members of the crew, was told by local law enforcement. The cause of death was not reported, but the fact of being on Board such a quantity of cocaine leads to quite definite thoughts.

On suspicion in transportation of drugs law enforcement authorities of Cape Verde, learned from employees of the European platform, which operates in the field of combating drugs. Its representatives told police that the vehicle suspected of transporting illegal substances.

Earlier, the “New Mail” has run into a scandal with drugs – mail was chosen by the traffickers.

The company “New mail”, which provides services of delivery and transportation, explained the incident with the drugs in the parcel.

Leadership recalled that the operators are not obliged to check the contents of parcels. For users re-announced the list of things forbidden to transfer, and when can refuse the shipment to the customer. It is reported

Earlier it was reported that in Melitopol investigated two case shipment of hard drugs through the branches of the “New mail”.

As reported Znayu twenty hooligans showed Russian nature: caught three teenagers on their knees, beaten, ran away.

Also Znayu wrote in Borispol “English teacher” from Morocco attacked the border guard: video.

Recall Suprun offers Ukrainians to smoke in the wood: new Amsterdam.

Wednesday, January 30, on the website of the Verkhovna Rada has registered a petition to amend the legislation so that cannabis can be used for medical and scientific purposes. Scientists and doctors in the world say that such use is justified, the head of the Ministry of health Suprun.

Recall, a group of researchers from the University of new Mexico proved that the use of marijuana mitigates the symptoms of a whole list of diseases.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia” the Coca-Cola company plans to produce soft drinks that contain cannabidiol.

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