Russian scientists tested the artificial heart on dwarf pigs

The artificial heart was developed by scientists from Novosibirsk.

On its creation worked the scientists from the Novosibirsk National medical research centre named after academician Yevgeny Meshalkin. The development was used the principle of operation of the disk pump.

Samples of the artificial heart was implanted dwarf pigs. After six hours of observation of experimental animals cardiac surgeons came to the conclusion that this implant does not destroy the composition of the blood, which is an important factor. Scientists have proved that in this construction the blood is not in contact with the parts of the mechanism that reduces the risk of deadly blood clots.

Advantages of the Russian artificial heart is its size and weight and price – it is three times lower than foreign analogues.

Now, scientists are going to study the heart function in living organisms. Within three years they will see pigs who transplanted heart. Further work will be performed to establish a wireless charging mechanism, and then, perhaps, the heart will be transplanted to man.