Salt fines for discarded gloves

Throwing your rubber gloves on the ground after shopping can be costly. Very expensive.
D e Many people expressed their disgust on social networks to see gloves thrown to the ground paddocks storage of carts in the parking lots of grocery stores or big box stores.

Sergeant Mark Gatien of the Ottawa Police Service did not go there with the back of the spoon with the carefree customers.

“I came back from the supermarket disgusted by the quantity of rubber gloves that littered the floor everywhere near the space reserved for grocery baskets and elsewhere in the parking lot. Are our kids there working hard for us, at risk of getting infected, and you can’t pick up your shit? Get moving people, ”said the policeman on Twitter on Sunday.

The Ottawa municipal by-law department reminded Twitterers that throwing medical gloves and masks on the ground is a risk to public health, and that offenders face a $ 365 fine under the by-law on the maintenance of City property.

“Gloves and masks must be thrown in the trash,” said the municipal by-law service, when several people used these items during this COVID-19 pandemic.

In Gatineau, the bylaw on sanitation provides for a statement of offense of $ 200, plus costs, for anyone who is caught committing such disobedience.

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