Samsung demonstrated 8K-TV over 3 million: specifications

Samsung показала 8K-телевизор за 3 млн. гривен: технические характеристики

Samsung QLED

Ukrainian retailers were placed in their catalogs information about the imminent start of sales of new TVs Samsung Q900. Note that the TV is not cheap, and not even the top-end modification will be surprised by its price.

Samsung показала 8K-телевизор за 3 млн. гривен: технические характеристики

The largest representative range was estimated at 3 million.

For the money the consumer will receive 98-inch screen with a resolution of 8K. Support HDR and 240 Hz are present, like all other the latest technology from Samsung. Typical power consumption is 315 W, and the maximum is 580 watts. However, content in this format is actually very small, so that make sense right now to buy such an expensive TV either.

All models offer 4 HDMI ports and two USB. Power built-in audio system 4.2 is stated at 60 watts. The Smart TV based on Tizen, as in other devices of the brand. However, these TVs can afford not everyone. Clearly, such devices are not aimed at the mass market, but to show their skills sharp TV may still.

Samsung показала 8K-телевизор за 3 млн. гривен: технические характеристики

Recall that Samsung is ready to present a huge Galaxy View 2, which will receive just unreal characteristics. It is worth noting that the device has received a 17.5 inch screen and a powerful processor to perform all the stated functions. However, by itself, a device to hold and not very comfortable, so along with it when you purchase will be supplied and a special cover, which will increase comfort.

Earlier Znayu reported that the employees of the company Sony has unveiled the features of PS5, which will be the console of the future. Note that the device is able to give a picture in 4K format at a frame rate of 60, which today is considered optimal. I should add that the company developed the console from scratch, not just improve already existing version.

Znayu wrote that Huawei boasted sales of smartphones. Note that for the financial quarter, sales of mobile devices increased by 50%. This, even Apple can’t reach. Apparently, the IFC can become a leader on the market because to stop her today, no one can of the competitors.

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