Samsung Galaxy A 2019 will please fans of the price

Samsung Galaxy A 2019 порадует фанатов ценой

Samsung Galaxy A 2019

Last week, Samsung fans in India releasing smartphones of Galaxy series M. Yes, this is a budget smartphone from the Korean giant, however, soon this market will be presented three new models of Galaxy A that will get an interesting features and relatively affordable prices. Besides, their appearance is quite sophisticated, so they will look a lot more expensive.

Samsung Galaxy A 2019 порадует фанатов ценой

Thus, in India, is expected presentation of the smartphone Galaxy A10, A20 and Galaxy Galaxy A30 lineup of 2019. Among other things, it is worth noting ogromny obem battery on 4000 mAh. To enough even for flagship devices. As for the price, the low-end model of the Galaxy series A10 will go on sale in India at price of RS 8490 (about $118,5), which is only 500 rupees (about $7) exceeds the value of budget Galaxy devices M10.

Samsung Galaxy A 2019 порадует фанатов ценой

As expected, the smartphone Samsung Galaxy A10 Galaxy Galaxy A20 and A30 will be available in late first quarter or early second quarter. In any case, the company gives the user a wide range of smartphones, and for every taste. Details about the smartphone series A yet, but the flagship stuffing, they just do not get it.

Recall that Microsoft disowned Skype Classic. It should immediately be noted that it is only about 8 version of the popular service. Apparently, the company no longer wishes to support the latest applications.

Earlier Znayu reported that a Google employee has successfully jailbroken iOS 12. It is worth noting that it was he who discovered the vulnerability and reported it in the first place the Apple, so the company has corrected their mistakes. It took only a month. In any case, the existence of vulnerability will hit the reputation of the company.

Znayu wrote that Apple once again posted on the shelves of the revolutionary iPhone. Of course, we are talking about iPhone X, which is the first smartphone with a cutout for the screen, and a new system of protection FaceID. By the way, this time the device will be sold at a price of $ 700, which can not but rejoice.

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