Samsung Galaxy A90 will get unreal the camera: the first details

Samsung Galaxy A90 получит нереальную камеру: первые подробности

Samsung Galaxy A90

As expected, soon there will be a presentation of the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy A90. Of course, this is a budget line of devices, but Samsung has prepared a surprise to fans of cheap smartphones. This device will receive the technology used in the flagship devices. According to rumors, it will receive a retractable camera for self-portraits. However, a new leak suggests that the camera will not only retractable, but can rotate around its axis. In other words, it may be the only camera that will replace both front and main on the rear panel.

This approach will be a mixture of capabilities provided by smartphones Oppo Find X and the Oppo N1. Users will be able to push the camera out of the housing, and then as necessary, a motorized mechanism rotates the camera on the back or front panel. Besides, it will help save the front panel from the notches and holes for the front camera, which will help to increase the percentage of the area of the display.

Samsung Galaxy A90 получит нереальную камеру: первые подробности

However, to date this design has not yet received confirmation from other sources.

Recall that the smartphone OnePlus 7, which will appear on the shelves in 2019, will be left without a main function. Of course, we are talking about wireless charging technology, which allows to simplify the charging device. It is unknown whether the company wants to save money on this or found a decent alternative, as this technology is gradually gaining popularity among the smartphone users.

Earlier Znayu reported that Lenovo introduced a smartphone Tab V7, which got a huge screen. However, the price for the device is only 250 euros so unrealistic features and top stuffing to expect just not worth it. However, it can become a full-fledged replacement for the tablet, but in a pants pocket to put it will not work.

Znayu wrote that flexible smartphones Huawei Mate and Samsung Galaxy X Fold compared characteristics.

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