Samsung Galaxy S10 appeared in Ukraine: the pros and cons of the new flagship

Samsung Galaxy S10 появился в Украине: плюсы и минусы нового флагмана

Did not have time ubiquitous advertising of smartphones Galaxy S9 to resign, and the cost to become pleasant for the wallet of the average Ukrainian, as Samsung introduced a new trio of “ten.” However, the prices of these devices clearly will surprise you. For example, for a budget model will have to pay 25 thousand hryvnias, but for the top as much as 50 thousand hryvnia.

Samsung Galaxy S10 появился в Украине: плюсы и минусы нового флагмана

As for appearance, the new generation of smartphones, Samsung has used the technology of Infinity-O, replacing the black stripes on the “hole” in the display to maximize screen area. However, experts called the device display one of the safest to date because they emit a low blue glow.

Well, traditionally, no framework: the Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S10 S10 like their predecessors, are bent on the side, but now almost do not have frames at the top and bottom.

Samsung Galaxy S10 появился в Украине: плюсы и минусы нового флагмана

Interestingly, Galaxy S10 and S10 + will be shipped with pre-installed protective plastic film on the screen. However, this step is quite logical, since not all films are suitable for such a screen. Moreover, improperly installed protective film may impair the fingerprint scanner which is embedded under the screen itself.

Recall, the experts tested the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 on maintainability. To the surprise of the public, he earned all 3 stars and 10. This means that it’s much easier to buy a new device than to repair. Given the unusual settings screen, repair will cost UAH 10 000, if not more. However, to repair the gadget by yourself just will not work.

Earlier Znayu reported that the company Meizu introduced a budget smartphone Note 9. The main feature of the device was the top camera. Besides, the novelty has already appeared in Ukraine. As for the prices on the shelves, the device would have to pay about 7500 UAH.

Znayu wrote that the popular messaging app Viber has suddenly added a night theme for apps on the smartphone. Activate it is quite simple, and anyone can try the new functionality of the application.

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