Samsung has returned to the market fixed Galaxy Fold: no more breakdowns

Samsung вернула на рынок исправленный Galaxy Fold: больше никаких поломок

Samsung Galaxy Fold

It was expected that the re-launch of the first foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold will take place in June, but this month the restart will not happen. Now, insiders have referred to new timing. It seems that the company still has not solved the main problem of this unusual device. Recall that got his hands on the flexible smartphone from Samsung.

However, they all broke down literally 4 days after the start of operation. The reasons may be different, however, the experts noted that the cause of the breakdowns was the dust that got under the screen. The fold includes a hinge that is responsible for changing the form factor of the device. He is the weak point of the gadget that blocks dust that appears under the screen, thereby causing them to malfunction.

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Samsung вернула на рынок исправленный Galaxy Fold: больше никаких поломок

Insider Mukul Sharma (Mukul Sharma), citing two reliable informants, says that the Galaxy Fold will go on sale in July.

Recall that the Xiaomi company presented the new toothbrush, which will become your personal dentist. The gadget has a touch screen, and also a huge number of different modes to provide effective cleaning of the teeth. Note that brush only costs a thousand hryvnia, and for the money users will get a smart toothbrush that tells how effectively you clean your teeth.

Earlier Znayu reported that Mozilla got a big update. Now third-party sites can track information about users who visit them. Thus, the company wants to protect network users from unwanted collection of information that is often illegal. Now the brother from Google, a powerful competitor that is able to transcend the search engine in the browser market.

Znayu wrote that Apple with release of iOS added support for gamepads on the iPhone. This is great news for those who love to play mobile games using the touch screen, and trust the controller from your favorite console.

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