Samsung named the prices of luxury TVs 8K QLED

Samsung назвала цены люксовых телевизоров 8К QLED

About a month ago, Samsung introduced a line of QLED TVs Q900 with a screen resolution of 8K. It is now known the cost. Recall that TVs themselves are able to improve the picture quality to 4K-format, which is more than enough for comfortable viewing of film or video. However, the price of the televisions is huge. Is it worth that kind of money is unknown.

Samsung назвала цены люксовых телевизоров 8К QLED

The official Samsung website put such price tags on line Q900:

  • 65 inches $ 5,000

  • 75 inches — $ 7,000

  • 82 inch — $ 10 000

  • 85 inch — $ 15,000

Is in the lineup and the flagship 98-inch model, but its price is not yet announced. Most likely, this new TV is like a full house.

Samsung назвала цены люксовых телевизоров 8К QLED

The buyers of these TVs will be able to use apps from Apple: iTunes Movie and TV show, as well as technology for wireless transmission of video AirPlay 2. However, the TV is crammed with all innovations, so that the functionality to survive just not worth it.

The device will offer to communicate with voice assistant Bixby, even at a great distance, thanks to the microphones in the remote, One Remote. Samsung has promised that in 2019 add support Assistant Google and Amazon’s Alexa, which makes the TV even more convenient to manage.

Recall that Apple plans to launch a paid service that will allow owners of iPhone and other gadgets from the Apple company to read an unlimited number of news from different editions. However, the service itself costs $ 10 per month, so that fans only verified news will have to pay for the information.

Earlier Znayu reported that games Civilization VI suddenly became free. Now everyone can evaluate the game for free. However, available are only the main aspects of the game, but for add-ons or DLC will have to pay real money if you want it.

Znayu wrote that Google resumed work on Project Ara. Recall that the modular smartphone, where you can change the “stuffing” yourself, but the processor, camera, and battery are in the shape of rectangles. Recall that the project was buried in 2016, and in 2019 the first modular device may be on the shelves.

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