Samsung strikes again at Huawei

Samsung нанесет очередной удар по Huawei

The leader of the market of equipment and technologies for fifth generation networks Huawei is, however, due to the trade war between the US and China, and its equipment is banned in several countries, including USA, New Zealand, Australia and so on. However, this does not prevent the company to win the lion’s share of the smartphone market, according the financial report of the company for the year 2018.

Samsung нанесет очередной удар по Huawei

As a result of its equipment with the arrival of the era of 5G will not be available in all regions of the world. Samsung intends to profit from it and to strengthen its position in the market of suppliers of equipment for networks of the fifth generation. However, if it helps, the company is unknown. It is no secret that Samsung’s mobile division is experiencing a crisis, as repeatedly reported by the head of the subsidiary of the Korean Corporation.

Over the next three years the South Korean manufacturer intends to invest in the business development of 5G amount of 22 billion dollars. This should help Samsung gain market share. We will remind that in Ukraine the network of new generation will appear not soon. Analysts say to expect a 5G network before 2020 just not worth it.

Samsung нанесет очередной удар по Huawei

Recall that the voice assistant from Apple Siri is capable to discharge your smart phone. And does it invisibly so that the user can aide and even not to use it. Siri in the background will listen to your every word to not miss a request of the owner. However, it can easily be disabled, if this is a problem.

Earlier Znayu reported that the company Microsoft has decided to bring to mind the Windows 10. The company fixed more than 70 vulnerabilities, so OSes will work more stable. Besides, mistakes are corrected to apply to other OSes.

Znayu wrote that the company Honor publicly ridiculed the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9. The manufacturer is positioning the smartphone as a leader in the market. However, Huawei believes that it is not.

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