Sands in intensive care after a major operation

Песков в реанимации после тяжелой операции

Became aware of the condition of the Russian parodist Alexander Peskov, who recently serious condition was taken to intensive care and survived surgery.

Песков в реанимации после тяжелой операции

About it write the Russian mass media with reference to the statement by the Director of the concert artist.

First, the Director of popular Comedy actor Alexander Volokh claimed that he was in the hospital for a checkup.

In order to look normal. Just received, screened, nothing to worry about. He is associated with the pancreas. Two years ago we were tested and now have planned again. The window appeared – lay. For a couple of days “, – told reporters Volokn.

Песков в реанимации после тяжелой операции

However, the situation is much more serious. It turned out that Alexander Sands underwent a major surgery of the pancreas and is in intensive care.

“He is on the mend. The operation was complex, lasted for five hours,” – said the official representative of the artist.

The concert, which was scheduled at the cultural center “Salyut” in Moscow on March 8, plan to move on April 12. And this is not a final date, said Volokh. Everything will depend on the health of the parodist.

That Alexander Peskov was in the hospital, it became known in late February. Telegram-channel 112 claimed that doctors have found popular parodist acute pancreatitis.

We will remind, eks-the participant of the odious program “House 2” to the name Gabriel Alvarez brutally beat his mother with a guitar.

Песков в реанимации после тяжелой операции

Young people with Latin American roots remembered by the viewers muscular body and a big smile. He spent his childhood in Ecuador, but then he moved to his mother in Russia. Later satia the TV and was involved in organizing parties.

As reported previously Know.ia, the infamous Russian actor Alexey Panin Savelev that supports the opinion of his colleague Alexei Serebryakov regarding the fact that Russia went to war in several countries.

Песков в реанимации после тяжелой операции

Alexey Panin

Russian actor Alexey Serebryakov during his speech in London said that in the last 20 years, Russia waged several wars, including Georgia, Chechnya, Ukraine and Syria.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that Alexander druz was at the center of the scandal. Ilya ber, the editor of the TV program “Who wants to be a millionaire?” accuses the master of game “What? Where? When?” that he wanted to buy the right answers.

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