Save or die : how Pierre Niney has taken 10 pounds of muscle for his role of a firefighter

Sauver ou périr : comment Pierre Niney a pris 10 kilos de muscles pour son rôle de pompier

The actor has worked hard to put themselves in the shoes of a soldier of the fire.

Where the Christian Bale, Tom Hard, and other Jake Gyllenhaal have the habit of putting their bodies to the test, there are few French players to make real sacrifices for the needs of a role. In the French film, a physical transformation is often reduced to change of cutting hair or growing a moustache or beard. It is already well, but not always enough.

For Save or die”, where he portrays a fireman disfigured after working on a fire, Pierre Niney has broken this stereotype by practicing in the background, which allowed him to break loose of muscle in a few months, and display a physical completely fitting with the craft of his character. The result can be seen on the screen and contributes significantly to the success of the movie from Frédéric Tellier, out in the room this Wednesday. We can see this, for example, to achieve the mythical year of the board, the fire department must successfully complete each morning, under penalty of a stay in the barracks.

Save or die : Potch of fire [Critical]

The micro d’Allociné, the actor was detailing a few days ago, the program he followed :

The daily life of a fireman of Paris is very physically demanding. I followed them for 4 months, I trained with them. I was followed by a nutritionist, firefighters of Paris, a coach… The goal was to be able to make the climbs a rope, transporting the material for a long time because we had large sequences of fire and action for the turn, and the rise of the board, which is a test very symbolic physical of fire fighters of Paris. By the force of things, trying to keep track of all the days in their training for 4 months, I have taken 9-10 kilos of muscles. I have really changed appearance and it helped me a lot to get into the skin of the character. I loved this challenge and the rigorous physical that was required for the role.

As you can see in this little clip promo, Pierre Niney, of which the physical is naturally slender, has worked hard to enhance its stature and appear credible as a soldier of the fire. He then had to quickly lose weight is to stick with the evolution of his character and the vicissitudes of the film.