Saves on daughters: Loboda does not follow appearance of their offspring

The girl always goes with the weird hair.

Экономит на дочери: Лобода не следит за внешним видом своих отпрысков

Svetlana Loboda owes his brilliant career not only innate singing talent that the singer has supplied a decent cut, but its sexy looks. Each picture Loboda in her Instagram account like a work of art, as Svetlana never photographed without make-up, professional styling and exclusive clothing, maintaining superstar status. However, it seems the singer is accustomed to follow only their appearance, forgetting that her offspring also need her attention and care. Such a conclusion can be drawn after reading her microblog, which often appear in pictures with the eldest daughter Loboda with me, was really exciting. Almost every photograph seven-year-old posing with disheveled hair, without any styling.

Экономит на дочери: Лобода не следит за внешним видом своих отпрысков

Most likely, Svetlana Loboda simply no time to engage in the appearance of her daughter because of concerns about their own appearance, apparently, and so it takes a lot of time. No need to be a genius to understand that Finance is singer enough to hire professional who would monitor the appearance of her daughter. Besides, Quinoa is obliged gradually to teach the eldest daughter to look after themselves and maintain a neat appearance, as her age begins active cooperation with peers, which can simply terrorize the girl, if she will be called a slob. In addition, the girl is still in childhood may Harbor resentment for the mother who for a long time preening and lost because of intensive work, forgetting that Evangeline needs support. It is hoped that between concert tours Svetlana will have enough time to devote to his daughters.

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