Sberbank and Yandex.Cash launched an instant online payments for entrepreneurs

  • B2B payments” – a convenient tool for receiving payments from businesses for the online stores and service providers
  • This is the second joint service of Sberbank and Yandex.Cash in the ecosystem of the Internet Bank Sberbank Business Online (the first “Business profile” was launched in June 2018)
  • Previously, the payment for legal entities took 3-4 days, now a few minutes

Sberbank jointly with Yandex.The cashier suggested the business the new service of instant payment of goods and services. The service is called “B2B payments” and is unique in that for the first time solves the problem of mutual settlements between the companies and online stores and service providers.

Informed customers – legal entities had to be requested from online stores account and to wait a few days, then pay, creating bills manually. Online shopping, in turn, checked the flow of funds, looking at the statement in the Internet Bank.

Connecting service “B2B payments”, users will be able to place on its website a button for fast payment for legal entities. Clicking on this button, a company representative, the buyer will be in Internet banking for quick payment from the settlement account of the organization and will be able to pay all within a few minutes.The Deputy Chairman of the Board of the savings Bank Anatoly Popov: “Service “B2B payments” turns conventional ideas about the payment of goods by legal entities. The online purchase process for business is the same as the ordinary buyer: the client simply selects the desired product and the method of payment, click on the button and is in the Internet Bank, where you see an already prepared payment order for payment. It remains only to sign and send payment. And the store immediately knows the fact of payment. This service can become a unique competitive advantage and increase conversions for a number of companies – clients of Sberbank, accept payment online: mobile operators, retailers, Telecom and IT companies, recruiting services and others.”

General Director of Yandex.Money Ivan Glazachev:

“The ability to accept B2B payments via the Internet will help organizations not only to simplify the calculations, with clients-legal entities, but also to improve a range of business indicators. In particular, the company will be able to increase conversion charges and save time accountant. With instant notifications of payment the seller will immediately ship the goods or provide the service — that means reduced downtime and increase warehouse turnover, — said Sberbank was the first Russian Bank has developed a special API for B2B payment and Yandex.Kassa became the first aggregator that made such payments available to millions of organizations.”

Service “B2B payments” available for connection in the section “Products and services” Internet-Bank Sberbank Business Online.

The service payment process will be shortened from 3-4 days to several minutes, and the store is immediately notified about the fact of payment. This became possible thanks to technologies, Sberbank and Yandex.Cash: on the side of the Bank, a mechanism was established Fintech API for quick integration of partner services, and Yandex.Cash made convenient, the infrastructure that will allow companies to quickly integrate the solution.

At the moment, to use the service, the payer and the recipient need to have a current account of a legal entity or individual entrepreneurs in the savings Bank.

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