Sberbank has introduced a procedure for the exchange of bonus “Thank you” for rubles

The money will be granted only to individuals.

Сбербанк ввёл процедуру обмена бонусов «Спасибо» на рубли

Representatives of Sberbank told about introduction of procedure of an exchange of bonuses, the accumulation of which was carried out in the framework of the program “Thank you.” Those users who participated in the loyalty program, which managed to reach the level of “More than thanks”, today has the right to receive the deserved money, transferring the bonuses into real currency. In addition, this group of citizens who have succeeded in completing assignments in the program, received bonuses in force in four categories, as well as extra bonus points from partners of the savings Bank and from the organization itself.

On October 17, citizens in possession of sufficient privilege level can receive 50 cents for each bonus. Note, the savings Bank has limited monthly withdrawal bonus in real currency, so at the appointed time can be exchanged only 10 thousand bonus. Also bonus points you can exchange for tickets at theaters in more than 110 cities of Russia.

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