Schumacher, on the track desperate the engineer drove the locomotive for the sake of the cherished liquid

Шумахер на рельсах: отчаянный машинист угнал тепловоз ради заветной жидкости

In Khabarovsk, the man hijacked the locomotive and merged it with 500 liters of diesel fuel. About it reports a press-service of the far Eastern transport Prosecutor’s office.

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The locomotive engineer was sentenced to three years and six months imprisonment because he hijacked a train and stole 500 gallons of diesel fuel.

Шумахер на рельсах: отчаянный машинист угнал тепловоз ради заветной жидкости

“With no authority to the management and movement of railway rolling stock, went into the cab of the locomotive and overtook him on the other path, later merged with his tanks 400 liters of oil. A few days later he returned to the scene of the crime and openly stole 100 litres of diesel fuel. The court appointed a guilty sentence of 3 years 6 months of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period 3 years”, – stated in the message.

The crime was committed in March 2018 at the depot of the settlement New Urgal. The driver was found guilty of committing crimes under part 1 of article 211 of the criminal code (“Theft of railway rolling stock”), of part 1 of article 158 of the criminal code (“Theft”), part 1 of article 161 of the criminal code (“Robbery”).

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine is actively wielded by thieves, who are stealing cars. Machines remove the wheel, break the glass and take out everything from the salon. Before this suffered the owners of budget cars, but now autothieves took the more expensive models.

We will remind, in Kharkov the tram at full speed derailed right at people.

As reported Know. ua, concrete monster collapsed on the heads of people, it all happened in seconds.

Also Know As. ua wrote that in Ukraine began to steal cars.

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