Scientists announced the imminent Apocalypse

According to experts, the end of the world will come after 10 days.

Ученые сообщили о скором апокалипсисе

Some scientists believe that soon Nibiru will collide with Mars then formed a huge explosion that will move the Earth from its orbit and send it in free flight, which will contribute to the destruction of our planet. They claim that Nibiru is already othila the solar system and moves in the direction of op to the red planet.

Such a scenario has already been dubbed by conspiracy theorists repeatedly. For example, the last time they predicted the end of the world on Aug. However, it did not take place.

In turn, the Russian astrophysics from Perm, also employees of NASA said that planet X does not actually exist. They attributed the appearance of the first references to the mythical planet to the era of the ancient Sumerians.

The researchers of NASA said that scientists still have not been able to detect Nibiru in outer space that may indicate its absence. Scientists reported that the inhabitants of our planet there is no reason to worry.