Scientists: Beavers designing a new tundra in Alaska

With the increase in the number of beavers Peninsula becomes more hospitable to wildlife.

Ученые: Бобры проектируют новую тундру на Аляске

Beavers, like people, can have a negative impact on the landscape. People who live near the habitat of the rodent, complaining about downed trees and flooded earth. But in areas inhabited mainly by wild animals, the consequences can be positive. Dam beavers broaden and deepen the small river, forming new ponds and warm water. According to scientists, these improvements are created by beavers, create or expand habitats for other species.

According to residents of Alaska, a few decades ago, beavers were rare inhabitants of the Peninsula. Ecologists, increase the number of builders of the dams in this region is associated with climate change.

According to James Roth, an ecologist at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada, the greatest impact of beavers on the ecosystem of the Arctic can be obtained from the added biodiversity in the ponds they create. These “oases in the tundra” will not only provide permanent habitat for fish and amphibians, but will also serve as seasonal stops for migratory waterfowl.