Scientists: Between tattoos and cheating there is a connection

The more on the skin of the drawings, the more the person is prone to adultery, experts say.

Ученые: Между татуировками и изменами есть связь

Scientists came to the conclusion that between tattoos and cheating is a direct connection. It turned out, the more drawings on the body, the more the person is capable of infidelity. Experts say that to blame the hormone testosterone. Also, scientists say that this conclusion concerns mostly men, but women are not alien. Experts surveyed 2.5 thousand people, covered with tattoos. It turned out that most of the subjects amount of testosterone much more than ordinary men. Note that this hormone is responsible for libido and self-confidence.

People with high levels of the hormone are more pronounced confidence and they are aggressive. Psychologists say that he is forcing to put a tattoo on the body. Thanks to this research scientists have linked a love of tattoos and the propensity to change partner. Experts say that it is not the law, and the accepted trend. However from this rule there can be exceptions.

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