Scientists: Diet “12:12” will help to lose weight and extend life

Indian scientists have called the most effective and safe diet, which is struggling with excess weight.

Ученые: Диета «12:12» поможет похудеть и продлить жизнь

Scientists from new Delhi have held a number of special research and found out what the diet is called “12:12” safely and effectively fighting not only obesity, but also contributes to the reduction of unhealthy visceral fat. The power supply circuit “12:12” a short-term fasting for 12 hours, after which the next 12 hours you can eat. The easiest fasting tolerated it at night, say nutritionists.

For example, if the last meal was at 8 PM, then Breakfast should come at 8 o’clock in the morning. According to a study published in Cell Metabolism, starvation for 12 hours in most cases may promote weight loss, prevent disease and even increase life expectancy.