Scientists dispelled the myth about the optimal period between births in women

Refuted by the fact that the shorter the gap between pregnancies raises the risk of complications during gestation their next child.

Учёные развеяли миф об оптимальном периоде между родами у женщин

Recent canadian researchers have shown that the ideal time between pregnancies – 12-18 months. But this period may vary depending on the state of health of a woman, her age and number of pregnancies in the past. They dispelled the myth, claiming that in countries with high income most of the pregnancies are going well, regardless of the gap between them.

Short interval between pregnancies is considered to be a period of up to two years. With little difference between children attributed the increase in the frequency of premature births, underweight babies and stillbirths or infant mortality. If a previous child was born by cesarean section, a very short period (6 months) may provoke the risk of complications of scar and uterine rupture. With a short gap most mothers are unable to fully emotionally recover from the previous birth.

According to the research, which lasted from 1990 to 2000, the world health organization recommends planning spacing pregnancies at least 24 months. But in economically developed countries, this period may be reduced to what is comfortable for the mother.