Scientists figured out how to travel back in time: no longer fiction

Ученые придумали, как путешествовать в прошлое: больше не фантастика

An international group of scientists calculated the probability of spontaneous return of an electron in the past, and also drew time for a quantum computer. The results were published in a press release on, reports Wave.

So we know that scientists have studied the behavior of a single electron in empty interstellar space.

Ученые придумали, как путешествовать в прошлое: больше не фантастика

Physicists have admitted that in the moment of observation the particle is localized, that is, its position is known with high accuracy. The change in the quantum state of a particle described by the schrödinger and in accordance with the position of the electron will become increasingly uncertain.

This process obeys the Second law of thermodynamics, according to which in an isolated system there is an increase in entropy.

But the Schrodinger equation says that the change of state of an electron is reversible, i.e. it may again be localized in a small region of space. This is not observed in nature, but could theoretically occur due to random fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background, penetrating the Universe.

According to calculations, if every second to watch 10 billion of localized electrons, for 13.7 billion years back the state change happens only once. The particle will return to its past just one ten-billionth fraction of a second.

The researchers also tried to turn back time in an experiment with a quantum computer consisting of two or three qubits. First, the two qubit was in the ground state, denoted by 0, which corresponds to the localized electron.

Occurred after evolution of the state, and a special program has changed the state of the computer so that he could go back in time, as occurs with the electron when fluctate microwave background. In other words, the values of the qubits has paramutabilis in the past.

It turned out that the computer with two qubits back to its original condition in 85 percent of cases. If the qubits were three, then there were more errors and the program return successfully worked only in 50 percent of cases.

As the researchers suggest, improving quantum computer, the frequency of failures will decrease. The results will make computational devices based on qubits is more accurate.

Recall, the scientists made predictions of what life can be in 200 years.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” That Led Gurvich, Creator of the time machine. In 1977, the newspaper of the Vancouver “Sun Times” published an interview with Gurvich, who said that such technology is a basic (base) time constants!

Also “Znayu” wrote the anonymous author, who calls himself a time traveler, told what the future holds for our planet and warned the UK about uncertain consequences of Brexit.

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