Scientists found a reliable way to extend life: can

Ученые нашли надежный способ продлить жизнь: смогут все

Scientists from tufts University in the United States after years of research came to the conclusion that prolong life and reduce the risk of premature death, only those vitamins and minerals found in plant foods, not supplements. Reports Hvilya.

Experts analyzed data collected during the study, with the participation of 27 thousand American adults aged 20 years and older. In the survey, volunteers reported that they ate in the last 24 hours and whether they are additive in the last 30 days. People taking tests, and also conducted a survey among them.

Ученые нашли надежный способ продлить жизнь: смогут все

For health status, respondents were followed 6 years. During this time died 3.6 thousand people, including 945 from diseases of the heart and 805 due to cancer.

The researchers found that people who consume adequate amounts of magnesium, potassium, vitamin A and K, zinc and copper less likely to have died compared with those who received insufficient amount of mineral substances.

Ученые нашли надежный способ продлить жизнь: смогут все

The people who received these vitamins in the right quantity, less likely to have died due to diseases of the circulatory system. But the nutrients they receive from food, dietary Supplements they took.

However, as noted by experts, the effect is observed only for those who received them from food, not supplements. In addition, an excess of calcium derived from supplements is 1,000 milligrams a day increased the risk of cancer, it is better to diversify the diet.

Ученые нашли надежный способ продлить жизнь: смогут все

Often from the terrible disease had killed those men who took calcium supplements for many years.

Health indicators in people who drank vitamin complexes, but ate poorly and those who did not take them with poor nutrition, were approximately equal. They are more likely to suffer serious diseases of the circulatory system, diabetes, etc.

Recall how long it takes the brain to recover after a party. Scientists have studied the physiological effects and reactions of the human body and brain that accompany alcohol abuse.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” scientists from China have created genetically modified rhesus monkeys. They introduced into the genome of the apes the human gene MCPH1, which participates in brain development.

Also “Znayu” I wrote lethal supergreek is in the world, the experts shrug. Scientists have warned about the terrible infection three years ago, but nobody listened.

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