Scientists from Oxford have learned to remove bad memories from the memory

Scientists at Oxford University claim they can replace the bad memories on the good by means of electrodes.

Ученые из Оксфорда научились удалять плохие воспоминания из памяти

An expert on implanted devices, neuromodulation, functional neurosurgery group Dr. Lori Pycroft informed that now modern science is able to remove bad memories and replace them with positive emotions with the help of special “memory implants”. Such technology has been called Total Recall. Replacement memories will also help people to overcome depression, stress and relieve the symptoms of various diseases.

“Implants memory is a real and exciting prospect, offering significant health benefits. Prospect the opportunity to change and improve our memories by the electrodes may sound like fiction, but prosthetic memory already exist”, – said the Professor pycroft.

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