Scientists from the USA explained the spontaneous explosions of sea mines

In 1972, only 30 seconds were observed 30 explosions in several North Vietnamese ports for an unknown reason.

Ученые из США объяснили спонтанные взрывы морских мин

US Navy in 1972 in the framework of the implementation of the operation “Pocket money” mined a number of important North Vietnamese ports. In early August of the same year, just 30 seconds later, crew members of the Operational group of 77 recorded from 20 to 30 explosions, which occurred for an unknown reason. Explosions could be more, because seen about 30 parcels of muddy water. To determine the cause of the explosions immediately took the specialists.

In the end, scientists from the USA explained the spontaneous explosions of sea min. due to the fact that the mines were magnetic and they were detonated by magnetic fields. In early August 1972 the area of mine-laying was under the influence of a series of flares on the solar surface and coronal emission of the solar mass. A geomagnetic storm affected not only by sea mines, but also in the work of Telegraph lines and electricity.

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