Scientists have almost figured out the secret to the birth of the Earth

Of the three major modern theories about the origin of the Blue planet staff, University of California, chose one, proving its legitimacy.

Ученые почти разгадали секрет рождения Земли


American scientists have almost figured out the secret to the birth of the Earth and presented the results of their research in thematic the journal Nature. Currently, Troy is dominated by the hypothesis of the origin of our planet. The first is that the Earth has appeared rather quickly, having everything necessary for the development of clouds in the Sun. The second speaks about the origin of the space object from dust by radiation from the sun. The third version tries to prove that the process of formation of the Earth lasted a very long time. At the same time on a celestial body delivered water, carbon and nitrogen meteors. As a result of the research, the scientists tended to the version of the rapid emergence of the Land. During the experiment, they studied the isotopes of neon in the mantle.

The result of this work it became clear that their number is more than “irradiated particles.” This proves the speed the appearance of the Earth. According to experts, the neon was formed on the Blue planet along with the water, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. In the end, on earth, the conditions suitable for living.