Scientists have created a method of sex determination on tooth enamel

American experts say that their method is cheaper DNA, such as effective and does not require sterile conditions and any additional knowledge.

Учёные создали метод определения пола по зубной эмали

The method managed to create a team under the leadership of researchers from the University of California in Davis. Today during archaeological excavations, most of the teeth people, rather than bone or other copies of DNA. In addition, the teeth tend to be well preserved. The teeth and the sediments they can tell us about human diet, his pedigree, the disease, from which he could die or a carrier which was, as well as on the age and traveled if he ever where.

Scientists in California have invented a method by which dental enamel can be clearly identified and gender using sensitive technology of mass spectrometry. It will reveal amelogenin proteins X or Y chromosomes. The fact that this protein participates in the formation of the tooth, and gene amelogenin is in the chromosomes. So the X and Y chromosomes together with the protein into the tooth, and, through chemical manipulation, it is possible to identify and to know the sex of the person by tooth enamel. Scientists have proved it experimentally on the teeth of human remains from various centuries, including today.

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