Scientists have created accelerating the healing of wounds dressing

The new method is based on the use of energy generated by the patient when making movements.

Ученые создали ускоряющую заживление ран повязку


Employees of the University of Wisconsin-Madison has created accelerating the healing of wounds bandage and checked its development in rodents. During trials involving mice damage and cured in just three days. Usually kind of injury heal for two weeks. Scientists did not expect such a success thanks to a special bandage. Professor Wang, who conducted the experiment was very surprised with the result. No one was hoping to heal the wound on the body of a rodent can so quickly. Information about this achievement appeared in the journal ACS Nano.

Scientists have long known: the electricity is useful for skin healing. However, to achieve a therapeutic effect, doctors have to use complex and expensive equipment. In contrast to existing methods, created headband more simple, does not require much financial investment to produce and leads to a positive result. It consists of electrodes that are applied to the damage associated with nanogenerators.

Compression and expansion of the human thorax during breathing produces pulses of low intensity. They form the internal electric field, are not able to harm healthy tissue, but has a powerful therapeutic effect.