Scientists have created the image of a brain by manually drawing

Employees of institutions of higher education in Pennsylvania in USA did it as the implementation of the program called “self-reflection”.

Ученые создали изображение мозга путем ручного рисования

American scientists have created the image of the human brain by manual drawing, by developing a computer model. They demonstrated the functioning of 500 thousand neurons mental body. Drawing of the brain received by microstripline purple and white light. The Central nervous system of animals is still a real mystery to scientists. We are carrying out intensive studies of the brain. In the US and Europe a lot of money to study it allocates project Brain. Doctor of biological Sciences Tatiana Chernigovskaya believes that research in this industry are not just.

Experts believe that if businesses will be able to unravel all the mysteries of the Central nervous system, it will open the way to manipulation of mass consciousness. In the end, it may end with the enslavement of mankind. Chernihiv repeatedly called the brain the most complex structure in the Universe. She doubts that in the coming years, scientists will be able to unravel all its secrets, but advises now is the time to analyze the possible consequences.