Scientists have decoded the DNA of ancient mummies of the New world

From mummified bodies, the experts were able to retrieve genetic information and reported on the results of the study.

Ученые расшифровали ДНК древнейшей мумии Нового Света

Geneticists have decoded the DNA of ancient mummies of the New world, found about fifty years ago in Spirit cave, located in the southern part of the United States. Through the study of genetic material from the remains, experts found particularly resettlement of the Indians n the past. In particular, the mummy had the wrong shape of the skull and could not be Indian, if this fact was not confirmed genetically.

As it turned out, the ancestors of today’s Indians lived throughout North and South America, which refutes the theory about the appearance of Indians on the continent due to migration from Siberia. Experts have identified three groups of ancient people, one of whom remained to live in North America (among this group and relatives of the oldest mummies from the cave of the Spirit), and the second two began to colonize the entire New world.

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