Scientists have described how dopamine “dropping” people to all sorts of harm

This neurotransmitter produced in the brain of some animals, forms the connection between “like” and “want”.

Ученые рассказали, как дофамин «подсаживает» людей на всякие вредности

The scientists said that the dopamine is not itself a cause of pleasure. However, this hormone “gives” people to all sorts of harm, if a person can not achieve the desired. If you are not able to implement the plans there is a “dopamine itch”. If between “like” and “want” there is a discrepancy, the person has compulsive desire. In this case, is quite respectable citizen is able to insult or even beat the opponent, or adhering to stringent diet fitness trainer will go to the fridge at two in the morning.

The problems begin when the brain incorrectly perceives or distributes dopamine. In this case, people tend to commit destructive acts and to become addicted to computer games, but to blame him for that – that’s not the focus in psychology. Excessive secretion of dopamine humans or apes are capable of the day to perform meaningless actions.

This is often used by developers. Programmers create games that make people sit all day at the monitor, growing virtual vegetables or chasing non-existent in reality monsters. In 2015, the global software market in entertainment was 82 billion U.S. dollars. Not all developers understand that turning gamers into addicts, some acting instinctively, but that doesn’t make the result less disastrous.

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