Scientists have developed a quantum compass that works without satellites

Development will perform high-precision navigation without any equipment.

Ученые разработали квантовый компас, работающий без спутника


Scientists from the UK have developed a system of “quantum space”, working without the satellite and other equipment. The main feature of the development is that it is able to work autonomously. Experts say that the compass can very accurately determine its position in space. This process will work on the basis of subatomic effects of the Earth magnetic field. In addition, new development will overcome the difficulties of modern navigation systems: a blocked signal or interference.

Also the compass is easy to carry and can be set on any transport. There is another feature, this innovation can even get in your smartphone. Development itself is a viable quantum accelerometer. Scientists say that basically it can be used in navigation. However, over time developers are going to increase the scope of development.

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