Scientists have discovered how the brain is changed after astronauts fly into space

Ученые выяснили, как мозг астронавтов меняется после полетов в космос

During the time that astronauts spend in space, they manage to be some physiological changes at the cellular level – due to very specific conditions and the characteristics of the space.

Researchers from the University of Florida decided to conduct its own investigation to examine the dynamics of changes in the brain that also occur during prolonged stay in weightlessness and on the basis of the results of their study, these changes affect the really important aspects of the work of the brain and its separate parts, which theoretically can affect all your senses and tissues. This was announced by the journalists of the newspaper “NewAtlas”.

However, this does not mean that the impact will be extremely negative for the definition of this connotation they still need to work hard and re-check a huge list of facts. Yet they came to the conclusion that the brain undergoes changes in white matter in those regions of the brain that are responsible for co-ordination, motor skills and orientation in space.

In addition, brain scans of fifteen astronauts before and after space flight, confirm the facts that at the base of the Central part of the brain over time, formed something like “lakes of the white matter” – they accumulate there in a small but noticeable amount. Because of this, the experts decided to look closely at the potential impact of this process – according to them, the accumulation of white matter at the base of the crust can, in theory, affect the health of the optic nerve, thereby adversely affecting the operation of the eyeball.

However, while that is only an assumption, and it is not clear what conclusions will come the experts – although they noticed that a large part of the brains of astronauts is a bit higher than usual, according to the traditional effects of weightlessness, to talk about any sharply negative aspects and consequences of space travel is not necessary. It is worth noting that, at the moment experts are eager to examine this process in all aspects.

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