Scientists have discovered how the universe is bright

An international team of astrophysicists has completed the most accurate and convenient measurement of the collective radiance of all the stars of the Universe.

Ученые выяснили, насколько Вселенная яркая

The researchers used for their research, the NASA Fermi telescope is one of the best gamma – ray detectors.

Alberto Dominguez, an astronomer from Complutense University of Madrid Computense, who was one of the participants in the study said that with the help of Fermi managed to combine high-energy physics and classical astronomy.

A team of streamow analyzed data from the telescope for 9 years, contain light from more than 700 blazers and one gamma-ray burst. In the result, it was revealed that the rays from flares are weakened during their journey in space. Scientists said they were able to cover 90 percent of the history of the Universe.

The new knowledge gained will help scientists about the history of star formation in the Universe.

New research method has the advantage over earlier. The fact that earlier researchers relied on data of measurements of ultraviolet radiation from giant stars, but the glow of the small celestial bodies could be in this case overlooked.