Scientists have discovered the oldest unit for manufacturing of whiskey

The structure was discovered by archaeologists in the Scottish Abbey.

Ученые обнаружили самую древнюю установку для изготовления виски

Archaeologists have found what they believe to be an installation used for the distillation process in Abbey Lindores in Fife. In Glasgow, the company was founded under the name of Rebecca Shaw Archaeological Services for the inspection of the district on behalf of the distillery for them. Lindores. Archaeologists have discovered in the structure, traces of charcoal, barley, oats, wheat, and ceramics Dating back to the middle ages, when monks began distilling of malt liquor, which is nowadays known as Scotch whiskey.

The stone structure was discovered near the site of the original grain storage, which, presumably, was used for the production of whiskey.

According to Treasury records, king James IV, the first distillation of Scotch whisky took place in 1494 in the Abbey, Lindores. Archaeologists have suggested that the first distillation of alcohol was made in the installation.