Scientists have explained why it is impossible to listen simultaneously speaking people

In the perception of the mental body of the speech a “bottleneck”.

Ученые объяснили, почему невозможно слушать одновременно говорящих людей


Employees of the University of Maryland conducted a scan of 28 human brain when people listened to immediately simultaneously talking speakers. Observation revealed the formation of their thought on “cocktail” of different ideas. This study explains why it was so difficult to concentrate on the conversation of the family members when the TV is available for transmission. The brain requires a lot of effort to convert the sound information. Mental body perceives the voices and views a list of words to correctly understand the meaning. This occurs in part of the cerebral cortex is responsible for the sound.

The study showed that people can correctly perceive speech in the presence of several speakers. Lead author Dr. Brodbeck said, during the said understanding, the human brain compares incoming signals with a variety of words. To put it simply, phrases compete for something that they have learned. Probably, this process requires the involvement of all resources of the brain.

Earlier in the journal Current Biology published the text of scientific work, which States if under normal circumstances, people recognize the sound instantly within one-tenth of a second. Dr. Brodbeck said, perhaps in the brain is the bottleneck, not allowing you to understand speech at a rate of more than three words per second. It forces people to selectively treat said.