Scientists have figured out how and what 3D printers harmful to health

Experts advise to refrain from buying a home 3D printer.

Учёные выяснили, как и чем 3D-принтеры вредят здоровью

Scientists from the UL Safety organization of Chemical Safety and technological Institute of Georgia conducted the first stage of a detailed research to find out what toxic substances 3D printers poison their owners. In the course of work revealed more than 200 volatile organic compounds, which emit printer when the first print request of textile fibres and subsequent seals.

Most of the detected toxins were in the range of nanometer sizes. In this case, they are in greater number can get into the lungs and then to other tissues and cause cardiovascular disease and pulmonary defects in people working with these machines. These compounds are known irritants and carcinogens: styrene, formaldehyde and caprolactam – a particularly nasty substance that causes irritation to the eyes, throat, headaches, dizziness and gastrointestinal disease. Scientists will continue to study the health risks of other types of 3D printers with different print requests, but argue that as long as the safe handling of this tool can not be.

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