Scientists have found a giant insect, which “rose from the dead”

Ученые нашли гигантское насекомое, которая "восстала из мертвых"

Scientists have found a giant insect

A team of biologists from the USA and Australia found in Indonesia, the largest female on the planet Wallace’s bee (Megachile pluto), which for the last 38 years, thought to be extinct.

About it writes the edition Сlutch.

“See how beautiful and majestic this view of nature, to hear the giant wings of a thundering rush past my head, it was just incredible,” shared his impressions glue the Bolt, the photographer who filmed the rare insect.

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Ученые нашли гигантское насекомое, которая "восстала из мертвых"

The bee, a length of 4 cm was found on the Indonesian Islands in the province of North Maluku. For the first time this species was discovered in 1858 when the British Explorer Alfred Russell Wallace discovered it on the Indonesian island of Buchan. Then he described the bee as: “a large, black acapodene insect with immense jaws like a stag beetle””. And the last time, in 1981, saw her American entomologist Adam Messer.

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