Scientists have found that when you can burn the most calories

American scientists empirically proved that calorie expenditure is not only affected by human activity, what time of day.

Ученые установили, когда можно сжечь наибольшее количество калорийSpecialists medical school at Harvard University decided to find what encourages the most efficient burning of calories. To do this, they conducted the experiment.

Seven volunteers were locked in the room does not have Windows, with the result that the subjects could not keep track of time of day and night mode gradually shifted.

In the end, scientists were able to establish that less calories are burned from four to six in the morning. And most of all energy consumed in the period from five to eight o’clock in the evening.

Previously, experts from the UK have found a new way to lose weight. In the experiment, the participants followed the usual diet, but had Breakfast a half hour later and had dinner a half hour before their usual time. In the end, changing your eating schedule people lost weight two times more than those who have not made any changes to your daily routine.

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