Scientists have found the cause of the preservation of dinosaur bones

The original construction of bone tissue proteins are transformed into new chemical elements, experts said.

Ученые выяснили причину сохранности костей динозавров

Scientists have long marveled at the fact that the dinosaur fossils are preserved not only bones but soft tissue should be divided at first. Only recently experts found out the supposed reason for the preservation of the remains of ancient animals. To improve the understanding of the method of decomposition of protein soft tissue was taken as 35 samples of the bone fossils, among which were not only bones but teeth as well as eggshell.

As it turned out, in such oxidative environment, such as fine limestone or Sandstone, soft tissue is preserved better. This is due to the fact that the fragile protein is due to perekisnogo oxidation and glycation becomes hard indestructible lipids. These lipids experts have metaphorically compared with a dark crust in burnt toast. These chemical elements are available as resistance to water, so the properties of protecting from the damaging effects of bacteria.

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