Scientists have found the “elixir of immortality”: the composition declassified

Ученые нашли “эликсир бессмертия”: состав рассекречены

In China, scientists have found the “elixir of immortality.” He was found in an ancient burial ground. This drink is often referred to in Taoist mythology.

About it write local mass-media.

Grave of the era of the Western Han dynasty (202 g BC – 8 m a. s.) was discovered in October last year in Luoyang. That is where scientists stumbled upon a bronze jug with a clear liquid avtovega shade. The liquid had a light scent of alcohol, so the researchers decided that found an ancient vessel with wine.

Ученые нашли “эликсир бессмертия”: состав рассекречены

Scientists conducted an analysis of the drink and found that it is a mixture of Indian nitrate and a solution of alum stone. According to the head of the excavation Mr. Fushan, these substances described in ancient Taoist literature as the main ingredients of the elixir that grants immortality.

It is noted that the fluid is of great value to the study of conceptions of ancient Chinese about how to achieve immortality, and the evolution of Chinese civilization as a whole.

Ученые нашли “эликсир бессмертия”: состав рассекречены

In addition to the pitcher of elixir in the burial area of 210 sq m was found with other bronze artifacts and painted pottery vessels and jade ornaments. Well preserved and the remains of the deceased – a senior representative of the Chinese nobility.

The mention of this drink, granting immortality to the drinker man, can be found in many ancient cultures. In Chinese version, it consisted of gold, mercury, arsenic and other inedible and even toxic substances.

As scholars have noted, on the basis of ancient texts, it is unclear whether anyone drank this elixir actually – he was a part of funeral ritual was supposed to grant the deceased eternal life after death.

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