Scientists have given mankind a chance at eternal life: the future for digital copies

Ученые дали человечеству шанс на вечную жизнь: будущее за цифровыми копиями

Foreign companies develop digital copy of a person that should replace it in the future. Technology will completely copy the personality of the person.

For the development took the company “Replika”, “Eter9” and “”, writes “Politeka”.

Startup ЄReplikaЄ appeared in tragic circumstances – Eugenia Kuyda founded the company after her husband’s death. She asked friends and family to download e-mails her husband to the neural network and plavala, storici special chat bot from the information received.

The digital copy also runs a startup “Eter9”. The company is developing an entire social network based on artificial intelligence. The system constantly learns from the user and gradually creates a digital duplicate. It is assumed that it will be able to live even after the death of the user.

Similar to the invention in the company “”. The technology is based on the collection of posts of users in social networks and creates the implantation of human consciousness into the app. According to the authors, they want to preserve memories, ideas and the history of billions of people for all eternity. Digital copies will be stored in the virtual world of the type library.

In turn, scientists at Columbia University in new York have managed to create a device that analyses of human thought and transforms them into synthesized speech. Thus the researchers hope to help people who have lost the ability to speak. According to scientists, they managed to demonstrate that people’s thoughts can be decoded, using the appropriate technology, and hear and understand. This invention also provides the impetus for the invention of the digital copy of a person.

Recall that scientists have designed a spacecraft of the future: a small village, its farm and generations.

As reported by “Know.ia”, scientists have proposed a strange way to treat sore back smiling.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that scientists have shared a unique video of the Earth in 250 million years.

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