Scientists have identified the gene responsible for alcohol addiction

This discovery gives a much better understanding of the development of alcoholism.

Учёные выявили ген, отвечающий за алкогольную зависимость

The gene discovered by the experts is different from other genetic factors that are associated with simple alcohol. He is directly responsible for the risk of addiction and regulates the speed of processing of alcohol by the human body. It is the study of genes responsible for alcohol dependence, and was dedicated to the research of experts at Yale University. The researchers compared genetic analyses of 15 thousand alcoholics with data 38 thousand people. The identified gene in the vast majority were present in heavy drinkers.

Doctors revealed that the slowing of the metabolism effect the speed of the genome that allows you to convert alcohol to acetaldehyde, which has protective effect. In the future we plan to develop methods of influence on the speed gene. Experts say that this is not the only factor influencing unhealthy addiction to alcohol. To a large extent, this contributes to the environment. In addition, future experiments aimed at the detection of additional genomic regions that determine the development of dependence.