Scientists have learned how to kill cancer with what is in the medicine Cabinet each

Ученые научились убивать рак с помощью того, что есть в аптечке каждого

Scientists have found that aspirin increases lifespan and protects against cancer. Taking aspirin can greatly facilitate therapy and to significantly increase life expectancy.

This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the University of California in San Francisco. The results of their work, the researchers published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

According to scientists after a series of studies, it became known that aspirin, pozitivno affects the life expectancy of cancer patients with the gene PIK3CA. Also experimentally, it became known that aspirin can alleviate the impact of the disease on the body. Patients who used it, easier to tolerate treatment of illness.

Ученые научились убивать рак с помощью того, что есть в аптечке каждого

Scientists have also shown that daily intake of aspirin 75 volunteers with a mutation in the gene PIK3CA probability of surviving the next five years increased from 25% to 78% This experiment was conducted with patients of the experimental group.

While oncologists said that on a normal genes PIK3CA regular intake of aspirin had no effect. The research scientists were held only in respect of certain types of cancer.

Experts said that it is necessary to conduct similar studies for other types of cancer – this can increase the prospects for successful treatment results in patients with other forms of cancer.

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